Shadows and Rust
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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by ruins, abandoned buildings, high walls and anything off limits. Each location holds a sense of mystery, a forgotten history waiting to be pieced together. Originally, I photographed these locations to document their final moments before demolition or renovation altered them forever and any direct connection to their past was erased.

However, I soon found a unique beauty in the decay and ruin. The same forces of nature that create a dramatic landscape or determine how a forest will grow are at work in the ruins. Air and water and sun shape what humans leave behind, while the plants and animals waste little time retaking the space. My photography underwent a change at this point. Now I was trying to capture the random beauty in the chaos, while still trying to link the viewer to the location's human past.

I created this site in the Spring of 2007, having only photographed a handful of locations. I remember trying to come up with a name for the site and rejecting every idea. Then one day, while standing on the ore tracks in the abandoned Bethlehem Steel plant the idea came to me. I looked out on this magnificent industrial site that had employed thousands at one time and thought now there is nothing left but shadows and rust. I knew I found my name.

  • I was interviewed and my pictures appeared in the documentary Building America In Bethlehem, directed by Anisa George
  • Weird N.J. Issue #33 - "The Forgotten Child Of Chester PA"